Not the same old jigsaw... puzzles with a twist!

What you see isn’t always what you get!  PuzzleTwist jigsaw puzzles are new and unique puzzle adventures with exciting and unexpected twists!  Piece by piece, something surprising awaits as your puzzle is revealed.  It’s jigsaw with a bit more challenge and a ton more fun!  Once you’ve been twisted, you’ll never go back.

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PuzzleTwist® jigsaw puzzles are available in specialty retail stores across the US and Canada. If you happen to visit a retail location that is currently not carrying PuzzleTwist jigsaw puzzles please request them to contact us:

Maynard’s, LLC

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Meet the Team!

We developed the PuzzleTwist® jigsaw puzzles to enhance the jigsaw experience.  Our intent is NOT to make the jigsaw puzzle excessively difficult, but to make the whole experience more enjoyable.  Providing images that are fun to piece together and occasional twists that we hope will make you smile.

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